oregon basketball

The Weekend Review

I hope you guys had great weekends! We sure did. Saturday started out with archery lessons. Yes, you heard that right. I got to pretend to be Katiness for a little while, and it was so much fun!  Few of you probably know that I’ve like archery ever since seventh grade P.E. when we had an archery unit in class. Granted, I think that was probably the last time that I picked up a bow, but I was still pretty excited when I picked up a Groupon for lessons a few months ago. Also, I was pretty good at it back then, and was curious if I was still any good. So, off to Pacific Archery we went.


That’s a lot of aarows.


Pretty bows.


Squint. Aim. Shoot.


We both ended up with a few bullseyes, and a new favorite thing to go do when we’re bored! Guaranteed we’re going to do this again. And don’t tell my husband, but I kind  of love that I am as good at this as he is.

Next up is Sunday and an impromptu trip to San Jose. And, not just any trip, but a trip to see the Ducks play some ball!  We were lucky enough to score tickets to the Round of 32 NCAA Mens Basketball tournament game with the Oregon Ducks playing St. Louis.  March Madness!!  Granted, I don’t follow Oregon basketball with nearly the same amount of enthusiasm as I follow Oregon football, but I was still really psyched to see the game. Plus, WE WON!  They’re now off to the Sweet Sixteen in Indiana to play #1 seed Louisville. We’ll see how long our luck can last. Go Ducks!