Mazatlan, Mexico

Back in February we took a little trip to Mazatlan. My good friend Sara was marrying her long time partner Joe, and we figured what better excuse for a vacation? Lazy days by the pool, great weather, and witnessing good friends tie the knot? It was a great trip. There weren’t a ton of pictures taken, because really all we did for seven days was lay in the sun, but there were some pretty epic sunsets.



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This one was taken through the lense of my sunglasses. This way you can see what most of the sunsets looked like to me.


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We painted these!  (granted, they were touched up a bit by resort staff, but still...)

We painted these! (granted, they were touched up a bit by resort staff, but still…)

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Honeymoon – Riviera Maya Mexico

Hi everyone! We’re back from our honeymoon in Mexico. Actually we’ve been back for over a week, but I’m just now getting around to the blogging. We had an alright time, but I really don’t think that we’ll be going back to Mexico any time soon. It seems that every time we travel there I end up really sick, and this trip was no exception. In fact, I was so sick by the end of the trip that when we landed back in San Francisco we dropped our stuff off at our apartment and went straight to the ER.  I was admitted to the hospital and stayed for almost an entire week. I just got out on Saturday. I’ll spare you the nitty gritty details, just know that I’ll be fine.

We tried to have a good time in Mexico anyway,even though I felt horrendous and probably shouldn’t have been doing anything at all. I mean it was our honeymoon after all! We both ended up with great tans (no burns!), and some fun memories. We went on an adventure excursion which included snorkeling, cave swimming, rappelling and zip lining.  I found the rappelling to be fun, but the zip lines terrified me! Apparently I still don’t like heights or going really fast, lol.

Unfortunately there are only a few pics of the entire trip. We took most of our pictures with Tim’s waterproof camera, which we think experienced a water leak which totally ruined his memory card, so no pics for us. That’s ok though, we’re pretty sure we’re going to write this trip off and redo our honeymoon next year…hopefully with a working camera, and no hospital stays 🙂

Here are the few pics we saved!