Book Love: The Divergent series by Veronica Roth (all three books)

I’m a grown woman. But, it appears that at 33 years old I have become quite the teen literature junky. But here’s the thing…I blame it all on Hollywood. It seems lately that a large percentage of recent Hollywood movie productions have been based off of teen lit. So, naturally I have to read it all before I see the movies. The Twilight Series, the Hunger Games series, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Book Thief, The Giver, The Fault in our Stars, and now the Divergent Series. Yep, I’ve read them all, and they all have been, or are soon to be made for the big screen.  Anyway, that’s my excuse.

Rather then posting about each of the Divergent series books individually, I figured I’d save you the time and just post about them all at once (since I did read them back to back).

divergent series

Lets sum it up in a nutshell. I really liked Divergent. I didn’t think that Insurgent was as good as book one, but still enjoyed it. But, Allegiant? That’s a whole nother story. I hated that book. I mean…loathed it. The entire book was one giant WTF moment. Uggh.


Here’s the thing. Read the series if you liked Hunger Games. It has similar themes. Read the series for the likeable characters. Read it if you like utopian/dystopian fiction. Read it if you plan on watching the movies. But don’t read it if you are easily disappointed, because I’m warning you now: book three makes no sense at all.

Let me draw special attention to how book three ends. Big (I mean BIG!) spoiler alert ***stop reading now if you plan on reading these books, and don’t want me to spoil the movies or the ENTIRE series for you***





Veronica Roth does something that is seldom ever done in literature? Why? Because it almost never works. Allegiant is no exception. What cardinal rule did she break? Well…she KILLS THE MAIN F’ING CHARACTER. Worse yet, it appears to have been done for no good reason at all. In fact it seems that the only motivating factor to killing Tris was for sheer shock value, because this twist sure doesn’t sit in line with the plot or character development.  I could go on and on about how and why this plot train wreck is so shockingly misplaced (or why this entire book is a disappointment) but this review over on Good Reads does a much better job. So you should probably just go read that.

*Sigh* I’ve got some time to get over it. The first movie comes out next month – which I’m looking forward to watching. I always enjoy seeing how characters translate to the big screen.  And,  I’ve got until 2016 (reportedly) to forget as much as I can about how the series ends before I find myself sitting in a movie theater watching Allegiant.

Dear Hollywood, you have my consent to take as much artistic license as you want with that one…


Title: Divergent, Insurgent, & Allegiant

Author: Veronica Roth

Pages: 1576 total

Read via: my Kindle

First Lines:  Divergent: “There is one mirror in my house.” Insurgent: “I wake with his name in my mouth.” Allegiant: I pace in our cell in Erudite headquarters, her words echoing in my mind.”