Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

Let me start by admitting that I missed the boat when it came to jumping on The Office bandwagon. I have probably seen only two or three episodes from the entire series (gasp!).  It’s not because I don’t think the show is funny, because I do, really! It’s that I didn’t realize the show was funny until probably season three or four. I’m also not one to start in the middle. I equate that to opening up a book to page 100 and reading onward from there, hoping you’ll just put the pieces together. Now that just doesn’t make sense, does it? Also, I recognize that Netflix or Hulu would have solved this problem rather efficiently. However, my queue is too full of romantic comedies and discs of Downton Abbey to justify adding eight more seasons to the list.

All that is a lead in to me saying that I kind of regret not watching The Office. Why? Because I didn’t realize until now (and completely by chance, I might add) how damn funny Mindy Kaling is. Not only is she a comedically gifted actress, but she also writes for the show. Did you know she writes for the show?  I sure didn’t, at least until I read her book.

I had passed Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?  on the bookstore shelves a number of times. At one point I even stopped to comment to myself on the cleverness of the title. It did make me want to at least pick up the book. But, based on my unawareness of who Mindy Kaling was I never actually did. Then, one day last month the stars seemed to align for this little gem of a book. I found myself the recipient of a gift card to my favorite independent bookstore, which was at that same time having a buy two get one free sale.  So this book found its way to my online shopping cart, and a few days later onto the “to read” section of my bookshelf.  I’m glad it did.

It really is a funny book, and I shouldn’t have been surprised by this. I mean, The New York Times in review of it said “[Kaling is] like Tina Fey’s cool little sister. Or perhaps…the next Nora Ephron.”  Shouldn’t that have been a good enough indicator that I might like it? I think what I find so likeable about it is that Kaling comes off as a regular person, who happened to find a lot of success. She’s not stuck up, or seemingly high maintenance.  It’s a funny, and refreshing read.

Perhaps you too should stop passing it by, and actually buy a copy.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fast you read it, and by how much you liked it.

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