Pacifica Beach & Pier

So, I have a rather rediculous confession to make. Technically speaking we live at the beach, but in the three years that we have lived here I have only walked on the local sand twice. TWICE! I know, I know…that’s just silly. But here’s the thing, I really don’t think of the San Francisco Bay area as a beach town, so I really do forget that there is beach close and accessable to enjoy. San Francisco just doesn’t have that beach town feel. I mean it’s a big city! My brain just doesn’t equate “big city” with “the beach.”

But regardless, it’s silly. And last week we had a string of really warm, sunny (by Bay Area standards) days that just begged for a beach chair, a good book and some sunscreen.  So we meandered our way down to the Pacifica Pier and Beach for a day of sitting in the sun, and consequently (and despite multiple apllication of admitedly expired sunscreen) obtaining lobster sun burns. Seriously, a week later and I’m still peeling. I guess sunscreen really does go bad. Lesson learned….But I digress.


This is the Pier:

IMG_3622All of those little dots along the pier are people crab fishing. At first we thought they were regular fish fishing, but realized that they were hooking crab. I didn’t even realize that you could catch crab on a fishing pole. They use these gross little boxes of raw squid as lures and aparently find great success. Even though it seems like a rather mundane way to spend the day, expecially considering that while we were there we only saw one guy catch a crab, it still seems worth while. I mean who doesn’t love crab, expecially crab you caught yourself and paid nothing for?


IMG_3655The waves were pretty big that day too.



IMG_3637Here are some more beach shots.



I thought that Tim’s shirt nicely matched the American flag. It was a photo begging to be taken.

IMG_3662I like watching dogs run on the beach.

IMG_3667And checking out peoples beach gear. Some people really have it all figured out!

IMG_3669And then there was this guy. Yeah, I don’t even know what to say about this. Trucker hat. Empty beer bottles. Clearly, no sunscreen bottle in site. There is so much wrong with this picture, lol.

IMG_3673Turn around from the ocean and this is some of what you will find behind you.



IMG_3693That’s about it. I guess since it’s basically summer and all that,we should probably try to spend more time at the beach. If for no other reason than snapping pics of cliche passed out college kids on the sand…






Sweeny Ridge

Now that we’ve reached that brief period of time here in San Francisco where the weather is both clear, and relatively warm, Tim and I have been spending much less time hitting the treadmill, and much more time hiking the hills. Sweeny Ridge to be exact.  And actually, I’m kind of torn on this one, because the Oregonian in me has a hard time actually calling this hiking.  I mean, it’s paved, and I don’t actually have to wear my hiking boots, and I probably won’t see any deer along the way (though last time we did spot a wild bunny).  So is it really hiking? Or, should we just start calling it what it really is…walking up and down a big hill.  But on the other hand, this is likely as close to actual hiking as we will probably get for not traveling far outside of SF.  Either way it’s a pretty hike/walk, and is far more interesting than watching your reflection work out on the treadmill in front of those horrible floor to ceiling mirriors all gyms seem to be equipped with. But  I digress…

I really like Sweeny Ridge. It’s not exactly a long trip, just 1.7 miles up and back down, so we’re only talking 3.5 miles or so. But I get a pretty good work out of it. Especially since there is about a quarter mile stretch up the hill at one point which totally kicks my ass.  Pardon the languange here, but I call it Son of a Bitch Hill. I hate Son of a Bitch Hill, and I think this brief little stretch of seemingly neverending exertion qualifies the entire Sweeny Ridge hike as a legit workout. But I guess getting to look at all the pretty things along the way is what keeps me going back.




IMG_3455 1












Quarryhill Botanical Garden

This past weekend we drove up to the Quarryhill Botanical Garden, just outside of Sonoma. I had purchased a half off admission for two deal from Groupon, and we figured this was as good a weekend as any to use it. Boy, did we poorly plan this grand idea. It didn’t occur to either of us to actually check the weather before we left. Genius, I know.  So, even though it was beautiful up in Glen Ellen, it was also very very HOT. I’m talkin’ 95 degrees hot.  Both of us were in jeans, I was in leather boots (and not the practical hiking kind), and neither of us had our CamelBak’s. Though, Tim does keep a spare can of sunscreen in the back of his car, so we lucked out there. Needless to say, It made for a hot, sweaty, and thirsty hike through the hilly garden grounds. We may have drank some questionable, brown hued water from a spigot in the middle of the gardens along the way, but hey, we were thirsty! Despite our discomfort, I did manage to get some pics of the gardens.















Favorite Things Friday: Coral

My favorite thing this week isn’t exactly a thing, it’s a color!  Coral, to be exact. Yeah, I know coral is a springy/summery shade and it’s almost fall. But, I’m just not ready to give up on it yet.  Just pare it with brown or navy blue and I think it will help you transition to fall just fine.
1) Isn’t this photo just fabulous?! It makes me want to go find fields full of flowers just to photograph. And yeah, that was some alliteration magic you just read.

2) I love air plants. Especially ones in cute little planters.

3) This line of candles from Anthropologie is just divine. All the scents are so fabulous!

4) Paint your nails this pretty shade!

5) Necklace love.

6) And how about a little liquour? The Sarasota: 1 large bottle of Moscato or Riesling Wine 1 can of raspberry lemonade concentrate a splash of sprite and crushed raspberries. Mix all ingredients together and enjoy!

The Weekend Review

Hi Friends! I hope you all had fantastic, relaxing and fun weekends like we sure did. I love weekends where nothing important or required gets done (except maybe tidying up the apartment). It’s nice every once in a while to just chill out and do only the things you really want to do! Here’s a little walk through our weekend…

While The Mister slept off a long work week, I started off Saturday bright and early with a trip to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Here’s what I came home with. A bouquet of pretty dahlias. A jar of lemon curd for no good reason at all. Raspberries, strawberries and a lemon for quick jam making (I’ll post the recipe a little later this week). And, ingredients for awesome sandwiches: Rustic sandwich rolls from Acme Bread Company, cow’s milk cheese from Cowgirl Creamery (I normally go for their Devil’s Gulch variety, but it was out of season, so not this time), Brown Sugar and Fennel Salami from Boccalone Salumeria, some random green leafy vegis which I forgot the name of, and a little organic red onion. Add a little mustard and you have a marvelous lunch!

As previously mentioned, next up on the weekend agenda was Strawberry Raspberry Vanilla Quick Jam making. I made this while Tim played Super Mario Brothers on Wii. It has to be the easiest, recipe ever! We ate this, once chilled, drizzled over pound cake with a little lemon curd on the side for desert. Amazing, is all I have to say about that.

Finally, we rounded out Saturday with a trip to Best Buy to….wait for it….buy The Hunger Games of course. Yes, it came out on Saturday. Yes, I dragged Tim out to buy it. Yes, we watched it. And yes, I really am that much of a nerd. I can’t wait for the next in the series to hit theaters.

Now on to Sunday. Sunday started early for me. Are you starting to sense a trend? The cats have total meltdowns if not fed by 6:30 am most days, so seeing as how I was up at that hour I took it as a great chance to catch up on my weekend reading pile. In the pile this weekend: Faithful Place by Tana French, a canning and preserving cookbook/guide, my camera’s manual, and the West Elm catalogue.

Next up on Sunday’s agenda? Golden Gate Fields for a little horse racing! You guys probably know by now that Tim and I love horse racing, and this weekend was the opening weekend for the summer meet, so naturally we planned to go. My strategy for picking horses has always been to make my initial picks based of which horses I like the look of, and then look at the odds. Yep, I pick horses because they’re pretty, or tall and lean, or because they just look like they want to go out there and win a race.  This was a perfect formula for the eighth race. A gorgeous dark brown gal named Pleasing Sunrise was circling the viewing area before the race, and every time she rounded the corner she looked right at me. Flat out starred me down. It was kinda like she was saying “come on, bet on me, I’m gonna go out there and kick some ass.” It didn’t seem to matter to me that her odds were 23-1. That horse looked right at me, you bet I was gonna put some money on her. So I placed my bet. I made a $12 exacta box bet with her, and three other of my favorites to come in first or second in any order. And, I’ll be damned if that long-shot horse didn’t launch a last minute affront out of nowhere at the tale end of the race and ended up finishing second. Add that to another of my picks, a 6-1 named Koby Jo coming in first, and I walked away from that race with a nice $128 payout! Not a bad day at the races.

And what weekend, or any day of the week for that matter, would be complete without having to yell at Annie a good ten times throughout the day to “GET OFF THE TABLE!” She never listens to me, but you better believe she listens to Tim. Aparently the tone of his voice conveys a more urgent sense of doom then mine does…

And, there you have it! What fun things did you guys do this weekend?