Sweeny Ridge

Now that we’ve reached that brief period of time here in San Francisco where the weather is both clear, and relatively warm, Tim and I have been spending much less time hitting the treadmill, and much more time hiking the hills. Sweeny Ridge to be exact.  And actually, I’m kind of torn on this one, because the Oregonian in me has a hard time actually calling this hiking.  I mean, it’s paved, and I don’t actually have to wear my hiking boots, and I probably won’t see any deer along the way (though last time we did spot a wild bunny).  So is it really hiking? Or, should we just start calling it what it really is…walking up and down a big hill.  But on the other hand, this is likely as close to actual hiking as we will probably get for not traveling far outside of SF.  Either way it’s a pretty hike/walk, and is far more interesting than watching your reflection work out on the treadmill in front of those horrible floor to ceiling mirriors all gyms seem to be equipped with. But  I digress…

I really like Sweeny Ridge. It’s not exactly a long trip, just 1.7 miles up and back down, so we’re only talking 3.5 miles or so. But I get a pretty good work out of it. Especially since there is about a quarter mile stretch up the hill at one point which totally kicks my ass.  Pardon the languange here, but I call it Son of a Bitch Hill. I hate Son of a Bitch Hill, and I think this brief little stretch of seemingly neverending exertion qualifies the entire Sweeny Ridge hike as a legit workout. But I guess getting to look at all the pretty things along the way is what keeps me going back.




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