Do it yourself

Favorite Things Friday: DIY Roundup

I love a good DIY project.  Here are some that I’ve done lately or are on top of the list of projects I want to tackle. Don’t worry, these are really easy, finish in a couple hours, or at the most a day, kind of projects. Have fun!

1) Who didn’t grow up with friendship bracelets? I know I did. And, I’m stoked that they are “cool” again. 2) Got some boring brown hangers in your closet? Why not jazz them up with some spray paint? 3) If you can’t tell by now, I love spray paint. I’ve actually done this DIY. I use my spray painted mason jars for flowers. 4) Ever wonder which pastry tip to use to get the right frosting effect?  Here is a great cupcake frosting tutorial. 5) I really must make this DIY travel map. Seeing as how Tim and I have been lots of places between the two of us, it would be fun to see it all plotted on a map!