Favorite things Friday: Coffee

I’ve decided that since I’m not doing Wedding Update Thursday anymore that the little ole blog needed a replacement weekly column. So, I’ve decided to start Favorite Things Friday.  This way you get to take a little glimpse into some of my favorite obsessions. Of course I’ll include links so you can check them out too if you want.

First up is COFFEE.  I just love coffee. Love love love it. Though, I didn’t always love it.  It took me a while to really figure it out.  And, naturally I had a few mishaps along the way to coffee snobbery.

I remember the very first coffee drink I ever had.  It was in high school.  A gal friend and I were headed to the homecoming football game, and decided to stop at the local Starbucks. I figured that was a good enough time as any to step outside of the hot chocolate box and delve into the coffee world (but not too far outside my comfort zone).  I decided on a Tall White Chocolate Mocha.  And maaaaan was it good, and sweat, and caffeinated!  I don’t remember if we won that game or not, but I do remember how jittery I was from that first yummy cup.

Next up on this bumpy road was college.  At that point, I still wasn’t a daily coffee drinker. I was holding out…why, I can’t quite remember. But there was one day I do remember particularly well. I had pulled an all-nighter (one of many) writing a paper for my Shakespeare class.  I was exhausted.  Some genius classmate suggested that I hit up the local coffee shop for something called a Triple Shot Black Tiger Mocha.  Simply based off the name alone, I should have known better. But who really listens to their common sense when in college? Clearly not me.  I got that drink. I drank that drink. And, I regretted that drink for entire rest of the day (and most of that night).

Then I really discovered coffee. Espresso actually. In the form of a cappuccino from Stumptown in Portland. And the rest is history. Plain ole drip coffee? I don’t think we can be friends any more (just kidding, kind of). We ran out and bought our own fancy espresso maker.  We’re members of the Starbucks Sucks Club (if only there really was such a thing).  I discovered that I really don’t like much of anything sweet in my coffee, much preferring to savor the flavor on it’s own. I have my favorite coffee cup, and yes, I have become completly addicted.

So if you don’t love coffee, or if you just haven’t gotten around to giving it it’s fair chance, then here are the links from the pic above to help you along the way.

1) I want this print hanging in my kitchen right about my espresso machine.  2) I love these polka dot coffee cups (but these are sold). You can find similar ones still on sale here.  3) REI’s Table Top French Coffee Press because it would be perfect for camping. 4) Stumptown Coffee. Their Hair Bender blend is my favorite. And don’t worry, if you don’t live in Portland, they’ll ship it to you. 5) A Chemex glass coffee maker. I want one of these soooo bad. 6) There isn’t really a link for this one…I just want to learn how to make pretty designs in the foam of my coffee.