Hold on to your butts!

If you were alive and older than twelve in 1993  then I don’t think I’m taking a giant leap by assuming that you know exactly what this posts title is referencing.  Given that, I’m probably not alone in my total glee in anticipation of this week. I mean seriously. Jurassic Park was maybe my favorite movie as a kid. And, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it was still on my list of favorite movies.  How can you not love it? That scene about twenty minutes in when they are first driving through the park, and Ellie is examining that plant that isn’t supposed to be there…pan over to Dr. Grant seeing the Brontosaurus for the first time, then reaching down to turn Ellie’s head…then her utter amazement?  That might be my favorite scene from the entire movie…heck, it’s one of my favorite scenes from any movie.


So, when I heard it was coming back to theaters, twenty years later, for a short run in 3D (!) there was no doubt in my mind that I would go see it.  Honestly, I’ve never been more excited to cough up $18 to see a movie before in my life.

Who cares that I’d watched it countless times on VHS growing up. Who cares that I happen to own it on DVD, and that I may actually know most of the lines by heart. We’re talking the big screen again, and 3D dinosaurs.  I almost dug out my neon slap bracelets and lime green t-shirt clip just for the occasion.

And, boy was it worth it. In 3D suddenly “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” takes on a whole new meaning. Not to mention watching the lawyer get chomped by the T-Rex wile cowering in an outhouse (what an awful way to go!).  And believe me, you haven’t seen anything until you watch someone dig their arm, elbow deep, into a four foot pile of 3D dinosaur crap.

By the end, watching the T-rex save the day while that “when dinosaurs ruled the earth” banner floats by him to the ground, I realized something. The best part of seeing this movie again on the big screen, wasn’t its 3D grandeur. It was that we were sitting in a theater that was full of thirty-two year olds going on thirteen. Because for two hours we all got to be kids again.

And, it was totally rad.