Favorite Things Friday: Coral

My favorite thing this week isn’t exactly a thing, it’s a color!  Coral, to be exact. Yeah, I know coral is a springy/summery shade and it’s almost fall. But, I’m just not ready to give up on it yet.  Just pare it with brown or navy blue and I think it will help you transition to fall just fine.
1) Isn’t this photo just fabulous?! It makes me want to go find fields full of flowers just to photograph. And yeah, that was some alliteration magic you just read.

2) I love air plants. Especially ones in cute little planters.

3) This line of candles from Anthropologie is just divine. All the scents are so fabulous!

4) Paint your nails this pretty shade!

5) Necklace love.

6) And how about a little liquour? The Sarasota: 1 large bottle of Moscato or Riesling Wine 1 can of raspberry lemonade concentrate a splash of sprite and crushed raspberries. Mix all ingredients together and enjoy!