Whale Watching in Half Moon Bay

Back towards the end of January we went on a whale watching trip with The Oceanic Society . It was a beautiful day out on the ocean. We saw lots of sea lions, jelly fish, harbour porpoise, but alas…saw no whales. We were invited back for a second trip (to rectify the whale-less 1st whale watching trip), and went just yesterday.  The second trip was much rockier (ie. many seasick passengers), and much much foggier. But this time we did manage to see whales!  Two gray whales, and one humpback.  It was pretty cool.

If you are ever visiting San Francisco, and looking for something a bit out of the norm to do, I fully suggest a whale watching trip. Peak gray whale migration is from December through May.  Don’t forget your sea sickness pills, your waterproof pants, and your binoculars! We took the sea sickness pills, and I’m convinced it’s the only reason the two of us didn’t end up hung over the back of the boat like many of our fellow passengers.  I forgot my waterproof pants, wound up standing in the wrong spot at the wrong time and ended up with drenched jeans due to some errant splash. We also forgot our binoculars.

This post may seem a bit anticlimactic, as there aren’t actually any whale pics. We just couldn’t photograph them fast enough, and they weren’t exactly posing for the camera. But here are lots of pics of the sea lions…

IMG_4301 ps

IMG_4272 ps

IMG_4267 ps

IMG_4260 ps 2

IMG_4244 ps

IMG_4242 ps

IMG_4240 ps