Tim posing with mostly inanimate objects

My last post about our Lazy Sunday drive this past weekend, lead me toΒ  this post. Having snapped a shot of Tim posing as a strawberry, I was prompted to go through my photo archives and find every photo I have of Tim posing with (mostly) inanimate objects. Naturally, there are quite a few of them.Β  And, naturally I had to share them all πŸ™‚

You are all familiar with the strawberry shot.

Wall Drug, SD

Wall Drug

More Wall Drug

Gotta love the guy πŸ™‚

The Big Blog Comeback!

Let’s just ignore for a moment the fact that I haven’t blogged since Last November.  Yes, I know. Sorry. Fact of the matter is that I got bored with my blog. Not to mention I’ve been busy doing other things like planning a wedding πŸ™‚  But here I am, planning my Big Blog Comeback!  Lol, really all this means is that you can probably expect to see me around here more often. You may even get several blogs every week (gasp!). 

I’m planning a few regular features for your reading pleasure (also to prompt me to blog more), and I’ll introduce them over the next week or so. But just to peak your interest, Wednesday’s will forever moving forward be known as “Kitty Photo Wednesday.”  The inaugural post will follow this one πŸ™‚



Short or Long? Portland or San Francisco? Big or Small? Yellow, gray, pink, or teal? Cupcakes or cake…or maybe pie? Outside or inside? Buffet or plated? Spring or summer?

Then there’s the who, when, and where…good thing the what and why are relatively certain πŸ™‚

Hmmmm, who ever decided to publish the first wedding magazine was a genius. I mean, they’ve turned wedding planning into something that could instill nail-biting anxiety into even the most level headed, even-keeled future bride. No wonder they pay people to plan these things!!!

Now I’ll admit that I am a procrastinator to the core. Always have been. It just seems that I work best that way. In college it was a rare occurrence for me to begin writing a paper more then twelve hours before it was due, making the all-nighter second nature. Much to Tim’s chagrin, I pack for vacations often the day of travel. The point being, it’s been quite hard to convince me that you can’t actually plan a wedding last minute. Not to say that this process will reform my procrastinating ways…but it sure is giving me a run for my money!!

So here is our progress report, and I’ll admit I’m pretty proud of us for having figured even this much out…And, sorry folks, but I’m not releasing details yet, it’s too early for that. Plus that will ruin the reveal of the wedding website, which is forth coming…

We have:

  •  PICKED A DATE (think spring next year) 
  •  BOOKED A VENUE (think kind of non-traditional, and FUN) 
  •  BOOKED A PHOTOGRAPHER (we got really lucky with this one) 

We have NOT:


Baby steps folks…that at some point may become leaps?

πŸ™‚ stay tuned.

PS: I like Oliver’s  opinion on wedding planning…

catching up on random foggy summer days

Well, hello there! I bet you thought I stopped blogging. Nope, for some reason I just blog less in the summer. Though, I don’t know that I can really use nice weather as an excuse since San Francisco doesn’t really ever get nice weather. But oh well, at least we aren’t buried in snow or sizzling in oven like temperatures. I’ll take fog any day.

So, how have we been spending our non-sunny San Francisco days? Well, we’ve been on a bit of an electronics spending spree lately…wait, i should amend that by saying that Tim has been on a bit of an electronic spending spree. In the past two months we’ve added a second i-Pad, a 42″ flat screen plasma television, and an i-Phone to the family. Basically, we’ve turned into a couple of nerds. πŸ™‚

And, don’t worry, the wedding is still in the process of planning itself. Oh wait, weddings don’t do that? Oh shit, I’d better get a move on then. We’ll probably start seriously planning stuff after we return from Portland for Thanks Giving. That’s when we plan on venue shopping…

And now back to my brand new baby, my i-Phone. Let me just say that my last phone was definitely not smart, so entering the smart phone age has been a bit of shock for me. You mean that I can access my email from my phone? You mean that I can keep my Starbucks gift card on my phone, and just show it to the checker? You mean that I can play Angry Birds on my phone while playing i-Tunes??? Way cool. But, my most favorite feature is the camera, which takes half way decent pictures!!! Woo-hoo! Just to test it out I went on a photo walk on my lunch break the other day, and through the use of my phones camera, and my favorite app Instagram, I snapped up the following:

and one of my favorites, because it’s so perfectly random…a pair of lost shoes.

Also, as a side note, because I’ve decided that birthdays after the big 3-0 are officially side-notes, I did manage to turn 31 last month. We went to Napa to hang out with some sheep. Oh, and we drank some wine too πŸ™‚

Hope you’re all enjoying your summers!

Oliver wanted to say hi

He also wanted to show you all how much fun he’s been having on our new porch. Since he’s always been an indoor cat, and we’ve never had an inclosed outdoor space for him, he’s never been able to spend time outside. Though, he’s always loved sitting in the windowsill with the screen open to the fresh air, and sun bathing on the carpet in the morning rays.

I’m sure you all remember this:

And when there wasn’t any actual sun, we ended up with something like this:

Well those days are over. It didn’t take him long to realize his favorite spot in our new place. And so far, he’s even proven smart enough (which I’m truly surprised by), not to jump off of it. We are on the third story after all…it’s kind of a long way down.

Is it possible that he’s found something that he likes better then eating?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…what a load of crap!

Let me just start by saying that I eat apples. Almost every day in fact. And they most definitely did not keep the doctor away. Here’s a break down of the last five weeks:

Week one: cough, sore throat. In denial about being sick. Why? Well, because I’m invincible of course, and I don’t get sick. Ever. I especially don’t get sick right before vacation.

Week two: Cough, sore throat, sneezing, stuffy nose, fever, & chills (a total walking advertisement for Nyquil, which I had none of since I was in another country). Totally pissed about being sick while ON vacation in Mexico, but ignoring it because I had just gotten engaged(yay!)! Finally gave in on day three and made my way to the hotel gift shop for what I think were Mexican cough drops, though I couldn’t read the box.

Week three: Cough, sore throat. Post vacation…”It’s nothing,” and “Oh, I’m fine,” become common utterances to co-workers pleas for me to go to the doctor. More denial and avoidance ensue.

Week four: Cough, hack, cough. Finally call doctor to find that doctor is on vacation until June. Sweet. More avoidance…

Week five: cough, cough, cough…Suck it up and go to acute care at UCSF, since doctor is still out of town. Result? ACUTE BRONCHITIS. Lovely. I now have a golden ticket; a prescription for three different meds. An antibiotic that I can’t pronounce, but that may also be because I can’t read the doctors handwriting, a prescription cough medicine, and an inhaler. Oh, and a lecture from the doctor about not waiting five weeks to get checked out.

Ok, fine. Lesson learned. Now on to the pharmacy! Dear Good Health, it will be so nice to see you again πŸ™‚