This week in current events…Equality for all.

Occasionally I like to take this little corner of the internet and talk about things more important than what I did last weekend, or what I cooked for dinner last night. Bigger more important things. Equality is on today’s agenda.

I like it when people of influence use their influence to say things to the masses that need to be said. And these are a few things that have been said  this week.

Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Mary Lambert with Queen Latifah and Madonna made a statement on marriage equality and turned the Grammys into a mass wedding ceremony. I don’t watch the Grammys. But, I watched this.  And it was awesome. You can watch the video here. Also, you can read the lyrics to the song here. No really. You should go read the lyrics. This is my favorite part:

Gay is synonymous with the lesser
It’s the same hate that’s caused wars from religion
Gender to skin color, the complexion of your pigment
The same fight that led people to walk outs and sit ins
It’s human rights for everybody, there is no difference!
Live on and be yourself
When I was at church they taught me something else
If you preach hate at the service those words aren’t anointed
That holy water that you soak in has been poisoned
When everyone else is more comfortable remaining voiceless
Rather than fighting for humans that have had their rights stolen
I might not be the same, but that’s not important
No freedom till we’re equal, damn right I support it

It’s a good song in so many ways.

Next up…The President gave a speech, and a pretty important one at that. I watch the State of the Union every single year. This year he was feisty, and unapologetic, and humorous at times. It wasn’t the most ambitious SOTU that I’ve heard, but what he said he said well.  Here’s what he had to say on the topic of equal pay for equal work:

“Today, women make up about half our workforce. But they still make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. That is wrong, and in 2014, it’s an embarrassment. A woman deserves equal pay for equal work. She deserves to have a baby without sacrificing her job. A mother deserves a day off to care for a sick child or sick parent without running into hardship – and you know what, a father does, too. It’s time to do away with workplace policies that belong in a “Mad Men” episode. This year, let’s all come together – Congress, the White House, and businesses from Wall Street to Main Street – to give every woman the opportunity she deserves. Because I firmly believe when women succeed, America succeeds.

If you want to read the whole 2014 State of the Union you can find it here.

Lastly, we have MLK. And granted we celebrated him last Monday, but I can’t leave a post talking about equality without talking about one of our most vocal proponents of it. And anyway, he said it the best of anyone.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”
― Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from the Birmingham Jail

Lets do our best not to forget it.


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