Woah, say what? Yeah, it actually is a new post.

Hi. So, let’s get reaquainted, shall we? I’m Nikki…

No really, I hope you  all haven’t forgotten about me amidst the radio silence that has become this blog.

What, you ask, is the deal with the disappearing act? Sorry to say that there is a super mundane explanation.  Work.  Work is solely responsible for the fact that I have neglected this space.  That’s just the real grown up truth.  But work be damned, I swear I’m gonna make an appearance here more often. I miss this little blog of mine!

So, what can you, my dear readers, expect to see here in the Big Blog Comeback? Business as usual I suspect. Annie and Oliver will make their regularly scheduled appearances. I’ll talk about books. I’ll talk about food, and cooking, and recipes. I’ll post all about our various adventures. I’ll talk about a lot of randomn stuff.  In short, you’ll quickly forget that I ever left 🙂


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