Strawberry Picking!

IMG_3604A few weekends ago we went strawberry picking at Swanton Berry Farm! Nothing screams summer is finally here like fresh, ripe strawberries, and though the day wasn’t quite as blue and sunny as I had hoped it would be, the berry picking was perfect.



2013-05-11 13.32.06


IMG_3589 bug



2013-05-11 16.55.45-1

Also, how often do you find a store or company that works off the honor system? Basically, you come in to the little farm stand store with the berries you’ve picked, weigh them and walk over to the little cash drawer and deposit your cash. There’s even a pile of money for you to make your own change. Seriously, that’s just awesome.  And it’s not just strawberries for $2.50/lb (seriously, when was the last time you saw strawberries in the store for that cheap?) but they sell fresh coffee for $1, and shortcake and chocolates, and jam…sooooo much jam. And, it’s all based off the simple idea that as a basic honest human being you’ll pay for what you take. I loved it.IMG_3603






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