Milagra Spur Trail

Hi! So, you probably noticed that things have been a little quiet around here lately. Every once in a while I take a little blog hiatus. Mostly because winter time just isn’t very inspiring to me, so I forget (choose not to) blog. But I have high hopes that Spring is on it’s way, so here I am, back in the blog world. I’ve got some back-tracking to do, with hikes and day trips from the last few months to cover. So bear with me as we take a little jump back in time over the next few weeks.

And, on with the show.

A few months ago (I forget exactly when) Tim and I took a little side trip down the coast to the Milagra Spur Trail. Actually, it was more of an excuse to work off the fabulous Gorilla Barbeque that we had just enjoyed. But regardless of our motives, it was a pretty little walk.

IMG_2680 ps

IMG_2681 ps

IMG_2684 ps

IMG_2683 ps

IMG_2685 ps

IMG_2687 ps


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