The Hummingbird

A while ago we adopted a Christmas Cactus from some friends of ours, and it’s been sitting on our deck ever since.  I didn’t take much notice of it for a while, until it started flowering! It didn’t take long for a little hummingbird to notice the plant too. And naturally, it didn’t take long for Annie to notice the hummingbird.

He visited so often, that she just started waiting by the window.

IMG_2722 ps

I also became kind of obsessed with the little bird. Obsessed, that is, with getting a picture of him! As you can imagine, capturing a picture of a hummingbird is no easy task. And I’ve been on a mission to do so for about three weeks, ever since he first stopped by.  It didn’t seem to matter how fast I was, I could never jump up, get my camera and snap a shot before he buzzed off. So, I hatched a plan.

I rigged up my tripod, and camera. Turned it on, and set to “Sport” mode, so I could take multiple shots with one click of the shutter button.  And I sat there…and waited.

Photo Dec 29, 9 17 26 AM

I’m pretty sure the darned bird was playing a joke on me. I would sit on the carpet next to the couch in the mornings with my coffee and iPad, checking my email, and waiting for him to show up so I could get the perfect shot. It never failed, that as soon as I got up for a few minutes that darned bird would show up, and I would miss the opportunity. We played this game on and off for three weeks!  Until this morning. When I finally caught him!!

Photo Jan 10, 1 32 55 PM


Photo Jan 10, 1 35 39 PM


I don’t think you understand how excited I was to finally get these pics! I actually did a little happy dance in the living room. I think the cats think I’ve gone nuts…




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