Kitty Photo Wednesday

About two weeks ago Annie suddenly began fetching her toy. Mind you, we did not teach/train her to do this, she taught herself. I figure it was out of shear boredom. She is such a high energy, attention requiring cat, that I figure she realized that the only way to get us to play with her whenever she wanted was to actually bring the toy to us and drop it at our feet. It’s provided endless amusement for us over the last few weeks (and endless exercise for her, which is good because it generally poops her out). So, today’s kitty photo Wednesday pic is actually a video!  Granted, a super low quality video, but a video non the less. Enjoy watching my silly cat act like a dog! Maybe next week I’ll post a pic of her tearing apart and destroying the mail. Yeah, she does that too. It’s one of her less endearing dog like behaviors.

And, in other news, this is how we found Oliver watching television the other day. Seriously. My cats are weird.


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