Vote. All the cool kids are doing it.

I’ve always loved politics. One of the most exciting things for me about turning eighteen was knowing that I would get to vote. I love to hear other peoples opinions, and love even more the occasional heated discussion. I love respecting another persons differing opinion from my own, provided of course that they can reasonably articulate why they believe what they believe. I love the passion of all of it. And I love that it all actually matters (and yes, I do actually believe that it all matters).

What I don’t love is how messed up the system is. How antiquated. How in need of reform. I don’t love that thousands of people on the east coast will find it difficult to actually  get out and vote today and tomorrow because their polling places have changed location due to Sandy. I don’t love voter fraud. I don’t love the electoral college.  I don’t like attack adds and word twisting and the negativity that always devours presidential elections.

But, I do believe that as Americans it is our responsibility to weed through it all and vote. And, it’s that time again folks.  That time that rolls around every four years where collectively we choose who runs our country.  And not just that, but there are local and statewide measures that are big and important too. Death penalty, food labeling, house and senate representation, presidents, school funding…the list is endless, and endlessly important. So I implore you to read your voters pamphlets, talk it out if your confused, make the effort, and go exercise your civic responsibility and VOTE.



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