Winter Sore Throat Cure in a Jar


Seeing as how I’ve been pretty sick lately, and my immune system is pretty wrecked, I’m really dreading this upcoming cold season. I’m doing everything I can to fend off the dreaded COLD. So, I was pretty excited when I found this super simple recipe for ginger and lemon infused honey over on Pinterest (original link posted here). I know that whenever I have a sore throat, or I feel a little under the weather, the first thing I do is run for a steaming cup of tea with honey and lemon. Except, the problem is that I often don’t have a lemon on hand.  This recipe is great, and super easy. Plus, it apparently keeps in the fridge for two or three months…though I don’t think my jars will last that long.

All you need is two jars, two lemons, fresh ginger, and organic honey.

Thinly slice both lemons, dividing evenly between the two jars. Slice some fresh ginger and add to each jar. Cover with honey, mixing a bit to combine. Cover and refrigerate.  This took me about ten minutes total. It’s that easy.

It ends up forming a kind of jelly that you can add to your favorite tea, or simply add to hot water to kick the ass of any sore throat 🙂

Enjoy, and may your holiday season be happily cold and sore throat free!



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