Kitty Photo Wednesday

I’ve taken to calling Annie “The Monster,” and Oliver “The Mouse,” which is kind of funny since Oliver is huge, and Annie probably doesn’t weigh more then four pounds. But, it has more to do with their personalities, as I’m sure you can tell from my posts and stories about the two.  Annie is quite simply, a pint sized bully. And, Oliver is a giant sized wimp. Regardless, here are The Monster and The Mouse both in time-out, enjoying some alone time in their favorite sleeping spots. Oliver has taken up residence permanently on the second tier of the cat tower that we specifically bought for Annie. And, Annie has claimed her piece of property on the cushion of the broken dining room table chair. Silly Cats.

Believe it or not, Oliver is actually giving Annie his version of the stink eye in this pic. He’s learned that she only attacks when he’s not looking.

Can’t you see it? Annie just has mayhem, and trouble reflecting in her eyes.



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