Favorite things Friday: Knitting

My paternal grandmother taught my mother how to knit. I just can’t remember which one of them taught me. Regardless, I grew up in household full of yarn, and I’ve been knitting ever since.

You want to hear a funny story? Well, at least I think it’s funny. When my mom found out she was pregnant with me she started knitting a blanket.  This was in 1979. In and of itself that isn’t a very interesting thing until you find out that she didn’t stop knitting that blanket until I graduated from high school…in 1998. Yeah. She knitted the same blanket for almost 19 years. It’s so freakin’ gigantic that it quadruples a king sized bed. Imagine that for a moment…

I promise it’s true.

This blanket holds a bit of irony for me too. One would think that if my mother can knit something the size of a small house, that I would have the ability to knit something larger then a shoe. But alas, that is simply not the case.  My knitting attention span is so small that I restrict my self to pint sized projects, which is why I knit almost exclusively items for pint sized people. Babies, to be more exact (which is also funny, as I have no children).

1) If I had a knitting or craft room I would want this print hanging in it. 2) I really want to make something with this pretty blue yarn. 3) I’m definitely in need of a yarn bowl. I have cats. They like to play with yarn. This would make my life easier. 4) I want a craft closet that looks exactly like this. 5) This may be the first adult sized thing that I make. 6) I think this says it all.



  1. I just saw your knitting post. I took up knitting in about March of this year and I am just starting to take on more complex things. I love ravelry and there are so any gorgeous patterns out there!

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