Favorite things Friday: Rain

I absolutely love the rain. Any of you who know me at all, now this. Though I guess growing up in the often gloomy and gray Pacific Northwest, gave me no real choice but to love it. Living here in San Francisco often makes me miss the rain because we don’t really get much of it down here. At least not the way it rains back  home!  I’m talking that downpour, drenching, sit inside with a good book because its too wet to go outside, kind of rain.  Yep, I just love it.

1) I just love this picture of the rain 2) You can buy this rain print on ETSY  3) This is my favorite bag to carry around in the rain because the inside is waterproof! 4) Bob Marley sure got it right. Too bad I don’t have a link to buy this print.  5) I’m in love with the classic Burberry trench. Though if you don’t have $1,500 laying around you can find good substitute versions at Gap and Banana Republic. 6) Also in love with these classic green Hunter wellies. I could stomp in some major puddles in those babies.


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