Official wedding photos

Finally, the waiting is over!  Yay!  I know I’ve been impatiently watching the mail box over the last few days, just itching to get my hands on the disc so I could share all of the fabulous photos of our wedding with you all. And by fabulous, I totally mean it. Our photographer did such a fantastic job! It’s so much fun to look through them all and relive the day. It took a while to narrow down my personal faves for this little blog of mine (there were 1100 pics to go through, after all), so I do hope you guys enjoy this little picture show 🙂

gettin’ pretty

the rings

little brother, escort down the aisle, and dancing fool

my mom. doesn’t she look pretty? 🙂

Katie, maid of honor, best friend, and all other such fabulous things.

Vickey and her partner Jill. My new family.

the classic family shot…

…and the outtake 🙂

bro, me, mom, uncle

Bride, maid of honor & Groom, best man (Tim’s brother Jeff).

having a drink in the Boiler Room before we tie the knot

and, here we go

my Uncle married us!

us as cartoons on the kids activity books

wedding PIE!

first dance

mom and uncle cutting up the dance floor. one of my favorite pics

so classically Jimmy

Dave, Steve, me, Jimmy, Bill. Other wise known as me and all my brothers.

a few of my favorite people

and a whole bunch more 🙂

And there you have it. The entire day summed up into 43 photos.  I hope you had as much fun looking through them as we did!  Also, all photos were taken by Erin of Erin Grace Photography. If you ever need a wedding photographer, or a family portrait photographer, she’s your gal.


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