Wedding Update Thursday: felt heart wedding favors

A few Wedding Update Thursday posts back I promised to show you the favors I made for the wedding. I ended up hand making little felt stuffed heart pins. Like I said in that post, they take a long time to make.  About  half way through the process I got it down to about twenty minutes per heart, and had to make about seventy of them.  So, if you attempt to make these, allot yourself about a month at least. That’s how long it took me.

Here’s the tutorial 🙂


10 sheets of colored felt (for 60 hearts) – you get six hearts per sheet, so adjust accordingly if you are making more. Also, I ended up wasting a lot of felt, so if you can get more hearts from each sheet, then go for it.



embroidery thread – similar or contrasting colors, depending on the look you’re going for

Pin backs

a needle

a bag of polyester fiberfill stuffing

Step One:

Fold your felt rectangles into thirds, and cut. You should end up with three sheets from every one original sheet of felt.

Step two:

Fold one piece of felt in half, and place three pins evenly, so you end up with four mostly equal divisions on the felt

Step three:

Free cut two (and only two) heart halves from the folded felt. Unfold and you get hearts!

Step four:

Unpin your felt rectangle, and pin the two hearts you just cut to the remaining uncut portion of your felt.

Step five:

Cut around the hearts you’ve pinned, paying careful attention to staying close to the edge. You are attempting to make an exact twin of the hearts you just cut.

Step six:

Having separated two felt heart pieces, sew the pin backs to the back of one of the felt hearts.

Step Seven:

Sew a small square of felt over the pin back, just to make it look prettier.

Step Eight:

Reassemble the two hearts so they align together again (it may help to pin them back together). Sew the two heart pieces together, leaving enough open space at the top to stuff the heart. Don’t worry. Your stitches don’t have to look perfect, it’s more fun if they aren’t!

Step Nine:

Stuff the heart, making sure to get stuffing up in the crevices.

Step ten:

Finish sewing it up, and voila!  A little felt heart pin 🙂


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