“Home” by Toni Morrison

I haven’t had the time over the last few months to really sit down and enjoy reading a book. So when we were up in Portland for our wedding, and I found my way many times to one of my all time favorite places: Powell’s City of Books, I jumped at the opportunity to take advantage of the no sales tax. Here’s our haul from the three Powell’s trips during our stay. And believe me…I could have left with a lot more.

I was most excited to pick up the latest from my all time favorite author, Toni Morrison. As I have written in other posts and blogs, I am of wholehearted belief that Beloved by Morrison is possibly the greatest book EVER written (though, I’m sure that’s a subjective opinion), and was instrumental in her winning the Nobel Prize.  Not to mention that Toni Morrison just received the Medal of Freedom from President Obama. So Home had big shoes to fill.

Perhaps I walked in to reading this with too high of expectations. But honestly, I was a little disappointed when finished. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad by any means, it just didn’t feel fully realized. There were moments when Morrison’s lyrical pros reminded me of what I love about her work, but for the most part the characters felt a little undeveloped; a little more like character sketches, then fully filled out people. And the story line seemed to hint at a promise of something bigger.  The book topped off at 147 pages which I read in two days, and I just couldn’t help but wonder how much more it could have (should have) been.  Don’t take this as a reason not to read it. Just read it, and then go read some of her earlier work to really get a good sense of what I’m talking about here.

But then again, maybe it just deserves another run. Maybe I’ll re-read it a few months or a year from now and feel differently about it. Who knows. What I do know is that I’ll continue to buy her books as soon as they come out, and devour them like candy, as long as she’s around to continue writing them. Hopefully that will be for a very long time.


As a side note, if any of you want to check out any of my other book reviews (from previous years), please head on over to 52/52, my now defunct reading project blog.


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