Wedding Update Thursday: Part two

Here we are back in San Francisco. Thanks for putting up with the little blog hiatus, we were much busier then we thought up in Portland! But, if you feel like sitting through it, here is the run down of our week in Portland. You may want to take it in two sittings, it’s a long post.

It all started on Wednesday, June 20th when we packed up the car, made sure all the VII’s (Very Important Items, like my dress and our rings) had been packed, made our customary McDonald’s road trip breakfast stop (don’t judge us), and hit the road for the 642 mile drive to Portland. It was a pretty mundane drive until we got up around Shasta. That’s where we both did double takes on the freeway because we wanted to make sure that this is really what we were seeing:

It’s not every day that you see a clown driving a fire truck down the freeway.

Also, here’s a pic of Shasta.

We had misjudged the amount of time it would take to get to Portland. For some reason we thought we wouldn’t get there until late at night. Perhaps that’s because the last time we drove up we left SF much later in the day. But regardless, we arrived much ahead of schedule around 6pm.

What’s the first thing we did after unloading the car and checking in to the hotel?  We ran out for SUSHI. I mean, seriously, sushi is super expensive in San Francisco, when compared to Portland. So we ate our fill at Sushi Land in the Pearl, and then topped it off with cupcakes from Cupcake Jones.

We had planned to get all of our meetings and errands out of the way on Thursday, June 21st, so that day started bright and early at 9:00 when we got our marriage license! I expected this to be much more involved. But apparently all you need to know to get married in Oregon is your social security number, and where/when your parents were born.  The only other surprise to me was that you have to know what name you intend to take once married. I honestly hadn’t really thought about it! Whoops!  So, I had to make a clutch decision and decided to go with the hyphenate. So at this point I’m officially Nicole Henry-Cook!

We were done with that stop much ahead of schedule, so on our way over to South West Portland we got to stop at Marco’s Cafe for breakfast in Multnomah Village (where I grew up), and then I got to take Tim by Thinker Toys, which was my first real job (and one that I worked at on and off for five years). Then we headed over to Maplewood Elementry School so Tim could see where I went to school, and the school was open!  We took a small (literally) tour down memory lane, looked inside my old fourth grade classroom, marveled at how small everything was, and proved to Tim that Jimmy and I had actually gone there. Our family name is still painted on a leaf on the wall in the hallway.

Then it was off to Maplewood Coffee and Tea for our final meeting with our Photographer. Then it was off to our last meeting of the day to meet with our day of wedding planners to go over the final details for the wedding. It was a LONG day.

Friday, June 22nd was another busy day. I had my hair and makeup trial run with Face Body Beauty just in time for us to run off to our bachelor and bachelorette parties! Let me just say that the five lovely ladies, Katie, Kirsten, Crystal, Heather, and Sara that partied it up sure know how to have a good time 🙂 And, from what I hear, Tim had a great time too out with the guys.

Saturday, June 23rd was pretty laid back. We didn’t have anything specific planned. Mostly just hung around The Kennedy School with the handful of Tim’s family that were already in town, and picked up the rest of Tim’s family from the airport when they arrived.

Sunday, June 24th: WEDDING DAY, also known as the fastest day ever. Florist dropping off all the flowers, hair and makeup for myself, my maid of honor Katie, my mom, and my soon to be mother in law, getting into the dress, formal photos, THE WEDDING, the reception, and the after party.

Here’s a pic of my bouquet. I was sooo impressed by our florist. We planned the look over the phone, and she nailed the look I wanted exactly.

Here’s me, Katie and my mom getting all prettied up.

Note the funny cat cartoons on the wall.  All of the McMenamin’s Kennedy School rooms are themed and we ended up in the kitten’s who have lost their mittens room.  I thought this was strangely fitting, expecially given Oliver’s plight with his tail recently, lol.

Once we were all made up, I managed to get myself into my dress then it was off to formal photos!  I don’t have any of those to post yet, that weren’t already included in the last post, because formal photos won’t be ready for another month. But here are some my favorites taken by our family that was included.

Then it was was time to pull the trigger. My brother walked me down the aisle, in the bright magenta tie that he complained about for a month prior and finally realized he actually liked, and my Uncle married us. I don’t think either Tim or I anticipated how great of a job my Uncle would do on the ceremony. And just like everyone warned me, I don’t actually remember a lot about the ceremony itself. Thankfully, my uncle gave us a written copy of the ceremony so we could remember down the road.

After that there was much eating, drinking, eating of pie, dancing, watching my little niece cut up the dance floor, bouquet tossing, garter tossing, and other merriment, as you would expect at a reception.  Though, I will say that one of my favorite parts of the day, other then the obvious marrying of my awesome goofball husband, was getting everyone I know in the same room at the same time. Family and friends came from all over the place, New Mexico, California, Arkansas, Missouri, Seattle, Southern Oregon, Kansas. It was pretty cool to get married in front of all of our favorite people.

What else was pretty cool? The photo booth we rented.

Monday, June 24th to Wednesday, June 26th were relaxing. Filled with trips to the Rose Garden, the Oregon Zoo, the car wash (to wash the “Just Married” paint of the car…even though I wanted to keep it there), Powel’s, more Powels, a few of our favorite  restaurants, and then a looooong drive back to San Francisco.

And now we’re back. It’s weird that we spent over a year planning the wedding and now Tim’s back at work, the cats are home from boarding, I’m back to cooking dinner (though now it’s with some neat-o new cooking gadgets), and the wedding’s all over. I know I’ve heard Tim say more than once this past week and a half that he “wishes it was still Wedding Day.”  🙂  Yah, I do to. But at least now we have the Honeymoon to look forward to!


Stay tuned for one final Wedding Update Thursday post today (if you can handle three posts in one day), which will be all about one of my favorite places in Portland.


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