Lazy Sunday Drives

I love a Sunday that unravels unplanned. Where you just jump in the car, with a general idea of direction, and see where you end up.  That’s how today started.  Tim had a general plan to head down Highway 1, prompted only by a colleagues recommendation that it was just a pretty drive.

About an hour into the drive we stopped at Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside (population 5000), and also, apparently, a major roadside attraction for motorcyclists. I got my standard pastrami on rye, Tim got his standard biscuits and gravy.  I like old cars. Here’s a random pic of an old Ford from the parking lot.

Next up, driving through the Coastal Redwoods we stumbled upon Castle Rock State Park. Sadly, unless funding comes through, the Gov. will close Castle Rock in July. Good thing we inadvertently visited when we did.

Then we headed towards Santa Cruise, not wanting to head back home the same way we came. Enticed by this sign:

I made Tim stop, turn around, and go back.  I just happened to have exactly $2 in my wallet that I can argue couldn’t have been better spent. I think Fambrini’s Farm Fresh Produce stand was one of my favorite stops of the day!

Naturally, Tim took advantage of a photo opp, and decided to become roadside fruit.

Full of organic strawberry’s we were back on the road again, ready for another detour. This time it was a left turn to Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

Final stop of the day? Well, you can’t expect us to drive up the coast and not stop at Sam’s Chowder House for chowder and fish and chips. We skipped the famous lobster rolls, but only this time.  They have a Chowdermobile food truck that parks at Golden Gate Park every weekend. We’ll grab lobster rolls another time.

And eight hours after we left we ended up back home.  I’d say that was a pretty good Sunday!