Wedding Update Thursday (on friday instead)!

Hi again!  So, I neglected my “Wedding Update Thursday” post yesterday (sorry Janean!)  😉 . Why?  Well, we didn’t really do much wedding stuff last week. I ordered a few decor things for the ceremony, and we paid a bunch of people.

But, mostly I’ve just been stuck in wedding favor do-it-yourself HELL.  Most of you who know me know that I get these grand creative ideas.  I’m pretty good about creating a plan, buying the right materials (I know Michael’s like the back of my hand), and getting through most of the project, then inevitably I quit.  So far the DIY list for the wedding has included the table numbers, the escort cards, the activity books for the kids (yes, we have activity books for the kids), and the wedding favors.

The problem with the decision to make your own wedding favors is that you can’t really quit, lol.  It’s not like these favors are super involved, or even hard to make, it’s just that when you have to make seventy of them it gets super monotonous!  And, I don’t do well with monotony.  They take me about twenty minutes apiece, so I generally manage to get through about three of them before I get bored. And, so far I’ve only made 38 of them. That makes 32 still left to do!  The only thing that kept me sane through the first 38 is the fact that I’ve been watching all eight Harry Potter movies, in order, while crafting (which also means I’ve been limited to crafting to the times when Tim’s not around, since he refuses to participate in my Harry Potter marathon).   I’m down to the last two movies. That’s totally not gonna last me through the end of this project!  I may have to move on to Lord of the Rings.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like how they’re coming out, and I don’t regret doing them. They just take so long! And I’m soooo impatient! Oh well. I have to average three per day over the next twelve days in order to get them all made in time for us to leave to drive to Portland. Wish me luck!

After the wedding, I’ll post a DIY post withe pictures and instructions should any of you be curious about what I actually made, and how to make them yourself.

Until then…I’m back to the couch…crafting away.


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