A few weeks back, some of you may have noticed that the blog was a little quiet. Well, that’s because I took a last minute and surprise trip to Vegas!  It all started because my brother was in Vegas for work. I woke up on Wednesday with nothing to do, and within an hour or two, the stars seemed to align, and I was booking a plane ticket to Sin City. I mean, who would turn down a free hotel room and a random excuse to party and lay in the sun for three days? Also, I got a chance to surprise and hang out with my cousin Katy who lives there too!  She was already planning on seeing Jimmy, but it was a total surprise to her when I showed up too 🙂

It was my first trip to Vegas (I know, I know, I have no idea how I’ve managed to never go), and I have to say that I came home completely exhausted. So, I guess it was a successful trip. Here’s a few pics from my short stay.