Wedding Update Thursday

Hi!  We’ve gotten quite a bit done the last two weeks. Starting with, I hired a day of wedding planner. Let me start by saying that we were not at all planning on working this into the budget.  It just felt like the money could be better spent somewhere else.  But, one thing has become clear to me over the last month…there is a lot to do on the day of a wedding!  There’s figuring out the wedding day timeline, welcoming and coordinating all the vendors to the venue, DECORATING the venue, running the ceremony, making sure the reception runs smoothly, making sure final payments make it to the vendors, and trouble shooting, not to mention a dozen other things I’m sure I haven’t even thought of. And what became clear to the two of us is that not only will neither of us have time the day of to do any of this, we actually don’t want to do any of this. We just want to enjoy the day. So we’ve hired someone to do all the nitty gritty work for us.  Totally worth the money in my opinion!

Secondly, I hired a hair and makeup person. I mean, we’re gonna be looking at these photos for a really long time, so I should probably make an effort to look good 🙂

Also, we arranged for some fun reception things for all you guests to do. Yay for fun!

So that’s it for this update. The list is getting smaller!


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