Wedding Update Thursday

Hi again. Thursdays, at least for the next six weeks, will be dedicated to posting about all things wedding. Why?  Well, because I have a list of things left to do that is a mile long, and this will keep me on task.

This past week we checked two big things off the list!  I had my dress fitting. And, we picked out and purchased Tim’s wedding ring.

First up, the dress fitting. Let me start by saying that I love my dress. It’s not your typical white wedding dress. It’s unique and has a bit of color, and is sooooo me. I purchased it up in Portland when I was home last November for Thanks Giving. They shipped it to me in January, and when it arrived I unzipped the garment bag to take a look. Just to make sure it was the right dress and size and all that. It was, so I hung it way in the back of my closet where it stayed undisturbed until last week.

Knowing that I had a fitting coming up, I took it out of the bag last week and decided to try it on. And, then i freaked out a little because it didn’t fit!  I couldn’t zip it. Granted, it is kind of a hard dress to put on all by yourself, so I stopped myself from having a total meltdown and just figured I’d let them figure it out at the fitting. But still, the days leading up to it were kind of torturous, as in the back of my mind was this nagging little voice saying “your dress doesn’t fit. You’re gonna have to get a new dress. eeeeek!” Followed by “why didn’t you just try on the dress when you first got it to make sure it fit???”

Tuesday arrived. And much to my relief the tailor’s assistant got me into the dress. So, it officially does fit!  Though, I’ll have to remember to enlist the help of a few people for the wedding, because I certainly can’t do it by myself.

The fitting took an hour and a half, which I spent standing perfectly still in my three inch heels (which until then I thought were pretty comfortable), while the tailor tucked and pinned and shortened my dress until it was finally ready to go.

I get to pick it up on June 13th.

Because you can’t see the dress yet, here’s a pic of my shoes 🙂

Second accomplishment this week was picking out Tim’s ring. This was a lot more easily accomplished then my dress fitting was, and we took care of it in less then an hour. Thanks to The Shane Company and their catchy radio adds that we’ve all had memorized since we were children 🙂

Well that’s it for this week on the wedding front. That’s only two things that we got done…gonna have to check like five off the list this coming week.  Wish me luck.


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