Kitty Photo Wednesday

Introducing to the world, our new addition: Annie

So, this all started about a month ago when, on my way to the BART stop one morning, I found a family of kittens and their mamma living in the bushes in our apartment parking lot. They were adorable, albeit very skittish. The next two weeks I spent talking about how cute they were, and how much I wanted one of them. Tim didn’t like this idea. So, instead of stealing a cat from the bushes, we adopted one from the San Francisco SPCA.  This was intended mostly to give our old friend Oliver a playmate. The fact of the matter is that he needs to loose weight, as he has gotten quite tubby.

Our attempts to get him to exercise last all of thirty seconds when he tires of chasing a string and promptly just falls over. So, we decided to get him a kitty friend to chase, play, and generally annoy him into getting up and moving around.

So, here comes Annie. When we first met Annie, she was so full of personality. We sat down in the little kitty room and she was all over us, purring, headbutting, and generally demonstrating her adorableness. We thought “oh how cute she is!” and promptly took her home.

And then we got her home. Where she immediately added rambunctious, crazy, maniac to her repertoire of personality traits.  Seriously, this cat is nuts. At almost two years old (and only 3.5 pounds), she has more energy then any living thing I think I have ever met, as you can see in the video below.  She races around the apartment like her tail is on fire. She leaps off the kitty tower like she’s an acrobat, and she treats her toys like they are alive and must be annihilated. And she never gets tired. I’m convinced that the only reason she sleeps is because she gets bored.

Her relationship with Oliver is also quite interesting, and I think it has everything to do with her also being very very stubborn. She appears to be quite indifferent to him, whereas Oliver (at least initially) was really interested and friendly with her. He spent a lot of time looking at her, and trying to be around her, while she completely ignored him, as you’ll see  in the pic Tim shot below.

I think that Oliver is slowly growing on her. She chases him around the apartment now, and attacks him for no good reason (then runs away all offended like he actually did something to her). They share water bowls, and their litter box (which I’m quite surprised by). I’ve witnessed a number of occasions where she has just sauntered up to Oliver, batted him in the face, and wandered off. He just sits there, a little stunned, with this look on his face that I can only assume means he’s wondering “what the hell is wrong with you?!?!”.  Also, they sleep in each others spots, but not at the same time. At night Oliver is in the bedroom with us, and she is out on the couch. Once we all wake up, she goes in and sleeps in his spot on the bed, and he goes out and sleeps in her spot on the couch. Basically I think she is less the best friend to Oliver we were hoping for and has filled the role of annoying little sister much more effectively.  Oh well, I do think they kinda like each other.

Also, Annie seems to like Tim better then me. I’m slowly coming to terms with this 🙂


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