Short or Long? Portland or San Francisco? Big or Small? Yellow, gray, pink, or teal? Cupcakes or cake…or maybe pie? Outside or inside? Buffet or plated? Spring or summer?

Then there’s the who, when, and where…good thing the what and why are relatively certain 🙂

Hmmmm, who ever decided to publish the first wedding magazine was a genius. I mean, they’ve turned wedding planning into something that could instill nail-biting anxiety into even the most level headed, even-keeled future bride. No wonder they pay people to plan these things!!!

Now I’ll admit that I am a procrastinator to the core. Always have been. It just seems that I work best that way. In college it was a rare occurrence for me to begin writing a paper more then twelve hours before it was due, making the all-nighter second nature. Much to Tim’s chagrin, I pack for vacations often the day of travel. The point being, it’s been quite hard to convince me that you can’t actually plan a wedding last minute. Not to say that this process will reform my procrastinating ways…but it sure is giving me a run for my money!!

So here is our progress report, and I’ll admit I’m pretty proud of us for having figured even this much out…And, sorry folks, but I’m not releasing details yet, it’s too early for that. Plus that will ruin the reveal of the wedding website, which is forth coming…

We have:

  •  PICKED A DATE (think spring next year) 
  •  BOOKED A VENUE (think kind of non-traditional, and FUN) 
  •  BOOKED A PHOTOGRAPHER (we got really lucky with this one) 

We have NOT:


Baby steps folks…that at some point may become leaps?

🙂 stay tuned.

PS: I like Oliver’s  opinion on wedding planning…


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