catching up on random foggy summer days

Well, hello there! I bet you thought I stopped blogging. Nope, for some reason I just blog less in the summer. Though, I don’t know that I can really use nice weather as an excuse since San Francisco doesn’t really ever get nice weather. But oh well, at least we aren’t buried in snow or sizzling in oven like temperatures. I’ll take fog any day.

So, how have we been spending our non-sunny San Francisco days? Well, we’ve been on a bit of an electronics spending spree lately…wait, i should amend that by saying that Tim has been on a bit of an electronic spending spree. In the past two months we’ve added a second i-Pad, a 42″ flat screen plasma television, and an i-Phone to the family. Basically, we’ve turned into a couple of nerds. 🙂

And, don’t worry, the wedding is still in the process of planning itself. Oh wait, weddings don’t do that? Oh shit, I’d better get a move on then. We’ll probably start seriously planning stuff after we return from Portland for Thanks Giving. That’s when we plan on venue shopping…

And now back to my brand new baby, my i-Phone. Let me just say that my last phone was definitely not smart, so entering the smart phone age has been a bit of shock for me. You mean that I can access my email from my phone? You mean that I can keep my Starbucks gift card on my phone, and just show it to the checker? You mean that I can play Angry Birds on my phone while playing i-Tunes??? Way cool. But, my most favorite feature is the camera, which takes half way decent pictures!!! Woo-hoo! Just to test it out I went on a photo walk on my lunch break the other day, and through the use of my phones camera, and my favorite app Instagram, I snapped up the following:

and one of my favorites, because it’s so perfectly random…a pair of lost shoes.

Also, as a side note, because I’ve decided that birthdays after the big 3-0 are officially side-notes, I did manage to turn 31 last month. We went to Napa to hang out with some sheep. Oh, and we drank some wine too 🙂

Hope you’re all enjoying your summers!


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