Oliver wanted to say hi

He also wanted to show you all how much fun he’s been having on our new porch. Since he’s always been an indoor cat, and we’ve never had an inclosed outdoor space for him, he’s never been able to spend time outside. Though, he’s always loved sitting in the windowsill with the screen open to the fresh air, and sun bathing on the carpet in the morning rays.

I’m sure you all remember this:

And when there wasn’t any actual sun, we ended up with something like this:

Well those days are over. It didn’t take him long to realize his favorite spot in our new place. And so far, he’s even proven smart enough (which I’m truly surprised by), not to jump off of it. We are on the third story after all…it’s kind of a long way down.

Is it possible that he’s found something that he likes better then eating?


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