An apple a day keeps the doctor away…what a load of crap!

Let me just start by saying that I eat apples. Almost every day in fact. And they most definitely did not keep the doctor away. Here’s a break down of the last five weeks:

Week one: cough, sore throat. In denial about being sick. Why? Well, because I’m invincible of course, and I don’t get sick. Ever. I especially don’t get sick right before vacation.

Week two: Cough, sore throat, sneezing, stuffy nose, fever, & chills (a total walking advertisement for Nyquil, which I had none of since I was in another country). Totally pissed about being sick while ON vacation in Mexico, but ignoring it because I had just gotten engaged(yay!)! Finally gave in on day three and made my way to the hotel gift shop for what I think were Mexican cough drops, though I couldn’t read the box.

Week three: Cough, sore throat. Post vacation…”It’s nothing,” and “Oh, I’m fine,” become common utterances to co-workers pleas for me to go to the doctor. More denial and avoidance ensue.

Week four: Cough, hack, cough. Finally call doctor to find that doctor is on vacation until June. Sweet. More avoidance…

Week five: cough, cough, cough…Suck it up and go to acute care at UCSF, since doctor is still out of town. Result? ACUTE BRONCHITIS. Lovely. I now have a golden ticket; a prescription for three different meds. An antibiotic that I can’t pronounce, but that may also be because I can’t read the doctors handwriting, a prescription cough medicine, and an inhaler. Oh, and a lecture from the doctor about not waiting five weeks to get checked out.

Ok, fine. Lesson learned. Now on to the pharmacy! Dear Good Health, it will be so nice to see you again 🙂


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