A few years ago we returned from the Dominican Republic, or as Tim affectionately dubbed the trip “keeping it buzzed 2009.” So it was only fitting that Mexico continue the tradition with “keeping it buzzed 2011.”

Here’s a few not so fun at the time, but funny in retrospect things that I learned on this trip:
* I still hate to fly, which is difficult since I love to travel. Damn you turbulence. I still will maintain that if people were intended to fly we would have wings.
* Miami has the worst most un-organized customs checkpoints ever. Seriously…EVER.
* I shouldn’t use my sarcastic abilities to piss off drunk guys on airplanes (not Tim, lol). Expecially big drunk guys from the South that are sitting next to me, who spend the rest of the flight taking up all of my arm rest and foot space room, and chewing gum in my ear. Oh how much I wanted to punch him. Tim wouldn’t let me.
* Try as hard a possible not to go on vacation with the worst cold ever. I failed at this. I spent the entire time coughing, sneezing, sniffling, and at one point feverish (but this could have had more to do with the extreme sun exposure on the first day, lol). However, perusing the medicine aisle at the Mexican drug store was fun.

Ok, all that having been said, on to the fun stuff…

We stayed in an all inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen, just outside of Cancun. It looked like this:

The first day we were there we spent the entire day at the pool:

And, by the end of the day I looked a lot more like this:

Apparently my waterproof sunscreen wasn’t as waterproof as it claimed. Oh well, we soothed our charred skin with many many of these:


Meanwhile, here’s some pics from the beach:


Along the way, we had some fun:

We met a few dozen lizards.

We went to a weird tequila museum.

Tim danced (at one point on a stage, but I’ve been forbidden from posting those pics).
Oh, and we also got engaged.

It was a good trip.


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