apparently good luck comes in threes too

I had the best string of good luck last Wednesday. I’ll describe the chain of events so that you can wonder in awe at my lucky-ness (in chronological order, of course).

7:07am: I arrive in the general vicinity of work, twenty-three minutes early as I always do. Just enough time to stop (if necessary) for a cup of coffee before heading to my cube for the day.

7:08am: Decision that coffee is NECESSARY for the morning since I didn’t have time to froth milk at home for my normal home-brewed cappuccino. Stop into Panera Bread for a cup of joe and a breakfast sandwich.

7:10am: Coffee and sandwich ordered, I realize that my debit card (and only form of payment) is currently sitting in Tim’s wallet, at home, where I left it the night before when we went to the gym. Controlled panic ensues, and sprint to figure out an excuse for why I can’t pay for my breakfast.

7:11am: Right as I was about to stumble over my excuse and exit the restaurant with my head held low, the checker asks me for my Panera Rewards Card. Fifteen seconds later I realize for the first time why I’m glad I have this card.

7:12am: It appears, magically, that I have purchased enough coffee and breakfast sandwiches previously to, in the checker’s own words: “get both my coffee and breakfast sandwich for free today.” Seriously. The one day that I have zero dollars, and no debit or credit card, and I risk humiliation at an ungodly hour, I magically get my breakfast for free. Saved from humiliation, scorn and avoided eye contact, I leave the restaurant thrilled with the start to my day.

7:30am: Comfortably settled into my cube at work, logged in, and programs running. I call my first client, positive that he would not answer the phone. Immediate (large) sale follows. Apparently Mr. Colorado Private Investor really needs to sell his office building and has not only scheduled a reminder in his calendar to be ready to talk to me, but has gone to Starbucks, ordered his grande-double tall-extra hot- no whip-caramel latte, and is sitting at his computer logged in and ready to talk when I call. I promise…this Never. Ever. Happens.

Note: a big day at work is when you get two sales in any given day, having dialed at least 80 people, and actually spoken to maybe eight.

7:40am: Before I can even process Mr. Colarado Private Investor’s credit card I get an incoming phone call (and again, just for perspective, people don’t normally call me back, I am a sales person after all). Mr. California Real Estate Broker wants to take me up on my offer to advertise his listings. Second (large) sale of the day follows. Keep in mind I have had to do almost zero actual “selling” for either of these sales.

7:45am: I sit back, sip my tepid coffee, munch on my lukewarm breakfast sandwich – cheese now somewhere in that awkward, oily stage between melted and not melted- and smile about my day’s quota being completed before I technically am expected to even get started.

7:45am-12:00pm: dial. dial. dial, not really worrying about anyone else actually answering the phone.

12:00pm: Lunch. Head to the bank to see if they’ll let me withdraw funds from my account without my debit card. Success! I head to Whole Foods to buy Tim a carrot cake since his 30th (!!) birthday is that same day and I simply didn’t have the time or patience to make him one myself.

12:25pm: Standing at the bakery counter, the day before Thanksgiving, realizing my foolishness in the midst of all the hoards of holiday shoppers. What made me think that there would be any cake, pie, or tart to spare when the biggest, most glutton filled holiday of the year is about to commence? I stare at the pathetically empty display case in utter defeat. I stick to it though, make it to the front of the line and ask the baker if he has any carrot cakes, or even just a slice of carrot cake left (trying to hide the desperately hopeful look on my face), and am informed, to my utter disbelief, that he has exactly ONE whole carrot cake left. Again…seriously? I got Whole Foods last carrot cake.

So that’s it. The rest of the day followed pretty uneventfully, or I should say rather that It followed devoid of uncharacteristic and noteworthy *luck*. But overall, I’d say it wasn’t a bad run. Though, I did get home and was immediately asked by the birthday boy why, given my obvious good fortune, I didn’t buy a lottery ticket. Hmmmm, yes, why…why indeed? Damn it.

We could be millionaires.

🙂 Nic

P.S, and on a completely unrelated topic, here is a Youtube video that cracks me up every time I watch it. And we all thought Oliver was challenged…


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