the busiest three weeks ever: part two, Missouri.

Ok, so we’re finally in San Francisco (more to come on that in a future blog), stealing wi-fi from a neighbor until our internet gets hooked up, and I can do a little catch up here on the blog. Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, I had just gotten back from New York…

As you might remember, this was to be the busiest three weeks ever. I arrived back in DC around 4pm. This gave me just enough time to get home, do my laundry from the trip, re-pack it for the next trip, eat, and get the cat to the Pet Smart Pet Hotel for boarding. The very next morning at 6am we headed to the airport for the trip to Missouri to visit Tim’s family.

We landed in:

From there we rented a car and drove to West Plains, Missouri where we were greeted by this handsome little fellow:

He seemed to be keeping watch over this old abandoned gas station:

Having finally turned onto the drive of Tim’s aunt & uncle’s property we were greeted by at least five dogs running straight at our car. Because when you have that much land you have to fill it somehow, and there’s really nothing dog’s like more then room to run. Except for maybe this pup…all she did was lay around. But contrary to what you may think, Chloe’s the happiest sad looking dog in the world:

Well fed, and well rested (thanks to Tim’s fabulous aunt and uncle), we headed out for some site seeing(as much as one can actually site see in Missouri). Along the way to our destination we ran across this old dead tree, and this old abandoned road:

Having eventually gotten to where we were going we stopped for some fresh spring water (from a plastic pipe sticking straight out of the side of a little hill) at the Hodgson Water Mill:

Headed on to the next mill (because there are a lot of old mills in West Plains), we stopped by this river:

At Rockbridge Mill we found this little gal, who seemed more then willing to pose for a photo:

The following days were filled with food, family, friends, more food, and among other things a birthday luau (because at least half of Tim’s family was born in May):

And lastly, at the beginning of our long drive back to Little Rock, West Plains left us with this…a fittingly quaint send off from a perfect little nook in small town USA:

Stay tuned…next up is the blog of all blogs to describe the road trip to end all road trips…THE BIG MOVE 🙂


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