today is brought to you by the letter "R"…for "resign"

Last Wednesday my boss had a team meeting. Oh, how I love the team meetings. She’s been on an inspirational quote kick lately, and during our meeting she handed out a photocopy of her latest favorite:

“An Integrity Test: Here’s an integrity test for anyone who’s part of an organization: Does what we say about our organization while we’re at work match what we say at home? If it’s positive at work and negative a few hours later at home, we have a choice to make. Here’s an idea we should all consider: Believe or leave. Sound harsh? Maybe. But if the organization is no longer a vehicle to help us reach our life goals, why would we stay?”

Now, she handed this out intending it to be a pat on our backs that we are so committed to our positions, and that thankfully she doesn’t have employees that have to ask themselves this question.


I called in sick the next day, and the day after, and then walked back in the office on Monday and quit.

I mean, I was miserable at that job, though apparently I did a really really good job of hiding how much I loathed it. Otherwise, I can’t imagine that my boss ever would have thought that handing me a permission slip to resign would have been a good idea.

Now, thankfully, she took it really well. And even though I wasn’t looking forward to being unemployed, I was prepared for it. But, it doesn’t even look like that is going to last very long. The same day I quit I had an interview with Starbucks (can you tell that I needed something pointless?, plus who can deny that knowing how to make a decent cappuccino could be useful?). They hired me. But now I get to call and decline that too, because I got hired by a temp agency in DC…which will be fine until June or so. Why June? We’ve got big plans in June, but I’m superstitious, and nothing’s confirmed yet, so I’m not telling.

🙂 Cheers to quitting stupid jobs.



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