"Snowmagedon"…the sequel to December’s wildly unpopular "Snowpocalypse"

And, here we go again. Because, you know, the twenty inches that we got in December, followed by the two other snow storms that we just got, clearly wasn’t enough. Nope, we’re always out to outdo ourselves. Bigger and better is the name of the game here in the nation’s capitol. This time we closed the Federal Government, declared states of emergency, kept all the kids home from school, and canceled all the flights, and that was before it started snowing….and snowing…and snowing….

When all is said and done we could have almost thirty inches, making total snowfall so far this winter close to sixty inches, and winter’s not even done yet. If only that damn groundhog hadn’t seen his shadow.

The grocery stores look like a tornado has hit them. Not a single banana left on the shelf. No pasta. No franks and beans. The only thing worse than standing in lines, I imagine, is being the checker behind the counter ringing the carts. You’re stalked in the parking lot for coveted parking spaces and shopping carts.

Home Depot sold out of shovels on Thursday (we checked).

Business closed at noon, which just moved rush hour up by five hours. No seats on the metro, no calm on the streets. And, everyone is just waiting, waiting, waiting, for more snow since we’ve seen since 1922 (or so the news says).

So, I’m sure we’ll wake up tomorrow, hopefully with electricity in tact, to the blinding silence of a city blanketed in white. We’ll enjoy it for a few hours. We might build a snow man, snap a few photos, catch a few flakes on our tongues. Then it will sink in…

Now we have to dig out.


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