when all else fails, just blog about the cat.

not feeling particularly blog inspired lately, but I do know some of you out there who did always enjoy the Oliver anecdotes, so here you go 🙂

Every morning Oliver wakes up, meanders out to the living room, eats, uses his box, and settles down in the same spot on the floor to stare up at the wall, as you can see evidence of in the photo to the left. What on earth is so intriguing about the wall? Well, I wondered the same thing the first time I noticed him doing this and thus found myself staring at both the cat and the wall…for half an hour. He just sat there, waiting. For, as it turns out…the sun. Yep, the cat stares at the wall, every morning, and waits patiently for sun to make it’s way down to him. It’s quite cute actually, especially when you consider that the poor thing hasn’t yet figured out that he could have already been blissfully basking in the light if only he jumped up on the couch. Again, never claimed he was the smartest, but he sure is good for a laugh. And, right now as I type this, Oliver has decided to express his objections to my giving of attention to my computer, and not him. I had actually mistyped the previous sentence three different times because of the fact that I am now reaching around and over a cat that has settled right on top of my chest as I lay here on the couch, and is proceeding to lick my face. Oh, and did I mention that when he jumped up here he brought his ball of yarn with him. Again, not the smartest, but he sure does know how to get what he wants. And with that, I’m off to go play fetch with my cat…errr, i mean dog…oh no wait, he really is a cat…i think.


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