more random thoughts

I read a lot of different blogs and sometimes I think blogs should come with the same kind of warning labels as cigarettes or prescription drugs…you know, something like “reading this may induce coma, intense bordom, or the need to reach through the screen and ring the writers neck. Please consult a professional before beginning..” Or, for the good ones: “may cause you to become addicted.” Anyway, have been missing the blog, so here’s the latest updates:

* A good friend of mine and his wife had a baby a couple days ago! (Congrats guys, he’s adorable). To everyone else, I’m sure you’ll be less then surprised to find that I am again, behind in my knitting commitments. You’d think that with nine months to plan, that I could manage two tiny booties in time. Though, history does seem to repeat itself, so I should have known better then to assume I’d manage a timely finish. But, they’re coming soon, I promise!

* Today is another friend’s birthday!!! Happy Birthday Kirsten! I owe her a drink since it’s Tuesday and none of us can properly celebrate mid week. Though, perhaps the simple fact that it’s Tuesday and not closer to the weekend is more then enough reason to go get a drink…hmmm, I’ll have to think about that.

* For anyone missing the Oliver stories, here’s another litterbox tale. Skip it if you don’t want to read about my cat’s litter habits…His box is located in the kitchen. Yuck! you may be thinking (and you’d be right), but I’ve found that the only way to guarantee that he remembers to actually use the litter box is to give him a reminder every time he walks past his food that he should stop and go. And, if you know Oliver at all you would know that he spends a considerable amount of time lounging with his head in his food bowl, so this plan pretty much guarantees an accident free environment for us. Well, accident free until the other day, that is….I walked into the kitchen the other day and what do I find? A giant puddle of cat pee right outside the box. Now, Tim’s reaction is to assume that the cat was just too lazy to actually get in the box, but at this point I still wasn’t convinced it was that simple. I do a bit of detective work. I notice that there are three little imprints in the litter from his legs and a longer imprint from his gimpy elbow dragging in the sand. So I’m convinced he did actually get in the box. Apparently he just managed to miss-aim and rather than doing his business like a good little cat should, he hit the power button and peed a good two inches outside of the box. Good job Oliver…Good job. Oh, and as I write this it appears that he’s trying to climb the glass living room window. I never claimed he was the brightest star in the sky.

* I do genuenly enjoy living in an area where the chance to see the President isn’t that out of the ordinary. I’ve seen him in person once, and in his motorcade twice now. But, I can tell you how incredibly tired I am of all the motorcade street closures. When block after block is shut down during the lunch hour, and all you’re trying to do is get a cup of coffee before you have to go back to the office, figuring out how to meander your way through baracades withough getting yelled at by DC police is kind of taxing on your normally well maintained composure. Though, I guess I do get good exercise walking so far out of the way to get around them…

* We’ve had the strangest weather lately! Most of last week it was in the nineties and I had thought we had skipped Spring entirely and had jumped right to Summer (which was quite disapointing to me as I don’t enjoy that kind of extreme heat), but this week we’re right back to Spring. And, when they talk about “Spring Showers” what I’m sure they really meant is “Spring downpours.” It’s been the kind of rain where you’re pants are soaked up to your knees even with an umbrella. I LOVE IT. It totally reminds me of what I had been missing from Portland. Yep, still got some Northwest in me (thank God!).

Anyway, I could probably write more randomness, but I see that it is currently waaaay past my bettime. Sigh…Wednesday here I come.


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