I’m from Or-uh-gone

I’m in Delaware at the moment. To be more precise, I’m in a hotel in Newark, Delaware. Pronounced: “new-ark,” and not to be confused with the better known, and correctly pronounced “new-erk,” New Jersey. To familiarize yourself, Delaware was also the first state in the Union, and at 30 x 96 miles, it is surprisingly not the smallest…that’s Rhode Island. And, something I’ve noticed about Delaware (besides that it smells distinctively of elephant poop)? Well, it appears that whenever someone visits (because I’m convinced that no one actually lives here), they temporarily loose their minds. I’m assuming it’s in the drinking water, which to date I have yet to consume. Case in point, the following conversation I had twice today:

“So, where are you from?”


OOOOH, your from Waaashington.”

–takes moment to snap self out of dumbfounded gaze–

“Nope. Oregon.”

“Oh.” nods head, as if the statement wasn’t completely ridiculous.

I think the next time I’m asked I’m just gonna say that I’m from Seattle, Oregon. You know, anything to make these two weeks memorable.


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