choosing to ignore the supposed seperation of church and state, and sitting down to eat banana bread and coffee with all the "important" people

I normally don’t get star struck by famous people. I’m not one to see a movie star on the street and run up and ask for their autograph. I actually think that would be kind of embarrassing for both them and me. But, for me it’s different when your talking about politics. There’s something about the people who make all the big decisions that makes me go all goo goo eyed. As was the case Thursday morning when I, having found my way through the throngs of international dignitaries and congressmen, passed U.S. Secret Service security checks, and took my seat at table 156 inside the grand ballroom at the Washington Hilton to eat banana bread, drink coffee and listen to our newest president talk about faith and government at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Seated at my table (my uncle and I were not seated together, he was somewhere on the other side of the room) was an older couple from California, a mother from Virginia, a couple from Maryland, someone from South Africa, and the Ambassador to the United Nations from Trinidad and Tobago. Seated on the stage, among others, was President Obama, the First Lady, Vice President Biden, and former Prime Minister to Great Britain Tony Blair. I never in my life thought I’d be in this company.

As a side note the room seemed to be kind of surprised the Vice President was in attendance. Apparently, this was the first breakfast in five years that the VP has been allowed to attended. It makes sense if you think about it. Generally speaking it’s not a good idea to have your two highest ranked political figures sitting in the same room. What if something were to happen?

Anyway, below are excerpts of both Obama and Blair’s speeches. Obama was fantastic, as you would guess, and I found that Tony Blair has a pleasantly surprising sense of humor (which isn’t captured by the excerpt below).

Gosh I’m glad I moved to this city.


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