well, it’s about time.

I’m happy to report that I am officially employed again…FINALLY!! Seriously, I really didn’t think that it would take as long as it did. I know that the economy is in the toilet at the moment, but still. Since I’ve been here (since October) I’ve applied for more jobs then I can even keep track of, and this entire time I’ve only heard back from two; one of which ultimately decided not to hire after all, and this one that I accepted today. So, I’ll be starting work on this coming Monday at Liberty Mutual Insurance. Yep, more insurance work for me. That’s OK though, this way I won’t have to learn the inner workings of an entire new industry, and my new job has quite a few similarities to what I was doing at Standard in Portland. Benefits are great too, and the pay is more than I expected which is nice. Tim’s pretty happy as well, since this means that now I get to start helping pay for silly things like rent and electricity. I think I’m a little less excited about this then he is 🙂

Anyway, I’m off to take full advantage of my last three days of no work. Mostly that just means that I’m gonna spend the weekend in my pajamas watching TV, with a happy hour thrown in somewhere in the middle for good measure. I recently found out that an old friend from college lives here, so we’re meeting up for drinks tomorrow. So, I won’t be totally lazy all weekend…just most of it.



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