oh, i sure do wish i could get a job…

I haven’t updated my blog in a while. Mostly because I wanted my next post to be the big exciting “I got a job” post. That was supposed to happen later today, since this was to be the last of four interviews with Liberty Mutual (yep, I can’t quite stay away from insurance). Let me tell you why that’s not happening as scheduled…

We’ll start with the dream I had this morning. I dreamed that I was interviewing to work at Radio Shack and was surprised when I showed up for the interview to see that I was working with all the people I used to work with at Suncoast: Rollie, Melissa, Matt, & George. Now, when I woke up, I didn’t really know how to take this. Should I consider it a good sign…one that foreshadowed my getting hired today? Or, should I take it as a bad sign, and assume that I was going to end up working at Radio Shack? I took it as a good sign, since I seemed pretty happy in the dream.

So, I went on with my morning. I snoozed through my first alarm, since I did set it for ridiculously Early (6:00 am), and got up about fifteen minutes later, while it was still dark out. Showered, dressed, ate breakfast all before day light. Up until this point, I still liked the day so far. Then I turned on the news. I tune in mid report, and the first thing I hear is “…first snow storm of the season, better late then never.” The first thing that goes through my head is: “Shit.” I turned around and walked over to the window to find that the morning light slowly creeping into the day was in fact revealing a white canvas.

At this point, I’m still feeling a bit defiant of the weather, and fully intended on continuing on with the plan, undeterred. I-Will-Get-A-Job-Today. I’m just about to head downstairs to catch the shuttle to the Metro station when my phone rings. Now, my phone never rings, especially at that hour of the morning, so I know what’s coming, and for the second time “Shit” runs through my head. I answer, and sure enough it’s the woman I’m supposed to interview with. Now, to her credit, and the credit of Liberty Mutual, I should be pleased that I’m potentially going to work for a company that is so concerned with it’s employee’s well being, but at that moment I didn’t really want to hear what she had to say. Basically, she was concerned with my ability to get all the way over to Rockville, MD from Falls Church, VA. And, to be honest I was a bit concerned myself at this point, but I really wanted to get hired today! Regardless, the interview has been postponed till Thursday.

Granted, Thursday is just two days away, and from what I can tell there is no snow in the forecast for Thursday…but come on folks! Short of a few flurries here and there, it hasn’t really snowed since I’ve been here. Why is it that the one day I need it to not snow, it dumps a ton on us?! Sorry about the cussing, but I’ll repeat myself…”Shit.”

On a more positive note, Oliver sure does love watching the snow. He keeps jabbing the window with his gimpy arm trying to get the falling flakes. And, when he’s not doing that he’s transfixed on the black squirrels racing around in the snow (yeah, we have black squirrels here). It’s pretty funny to watch him.

If all goes according to the new and improved plan, maybe you all will get the “I got a job” blog update on Thursday. Cross your fingers, apparently I need all the luck I can get. 🙂


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