new years resolutions….right…like I’ll actually end up keeping any of those.

I am going to try though. One that I’m kind of excited about is a project I’m doing over in Flickr land. I’m doing 2009 Year In Pictures (YIP). Basically I’m just taking a photo a day of anything I want every day this year. It makes me pick up my camera every single day, and also ties in with my second resolution, which is to save up and buy a fancy DSLR camera this year (though moola is required for that one, and I don’t really have any of that right now, so it will have to wait a while). Here are the first three shots of the year:

And, as for the new year so far? It started out well enough, even though thus far it’s been a chilly one. We spent new years eve outside huddled under heat lamps at an outdoor New Years Eve party on the harbor in Baltimore. Fifty bucks a person for zero degree windchill temps, appetizers, free beer/wine, sub par champagne at midnight, canceled fireworks and frozen solid toes…Oh well, at least we were with new friends starting out a new year. Can’t really complain about that.


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