it’s election day, hurray hurray!

Today I get to be proud that I’m an American. I get to be proud that tomorrow we all get to wake up having participated in the largest voter turnout in 100 years. I get to be proud that regardless of a blue or red victory we’re going to end up with either this country’s first African American president, or our first female vice president (though I’m hoping whole heartily for a sweep for the Dem’s). I get to be proud that tomorrow starts the long road to healing for this country. I’m worried about that regardless of who wins.

Today we get the opportunity to change the world with the force of our fingertips, and at the same time help change the course of history. Today we all get a voice.

So get out there and get your vote on.

The lines are long, so vote early. Wear comfortable shoes, bring a book, a jacket with a hood, and a cup of Starbucks (they’ll give you a free cup o’ joe if you mention that you voted). But most importantly bring your brain, and don’t mess this one up. And, if you’re from Oregon, you haven’t voted until you actually drop off your ballot, so don’t forget to do that, OK? And, just as a reminder, the presidency isn’t the only thing we’re voting on today. There are hundreds of state wide measures, and governor races, and house/senate elections up for grabs. Don’t let all the other important issues fall by the wayside just because your pumped up for the president.

If you have any problem voting, need to know your polling location or find a way to get to the polls, please call a voter hotline: 1-888-696-7622.

And, come tomorrow lets all wake up with a big grin on our face, knowing that we did this. That after two years of campaigning, insult throwing, catch phrases, ads, conversations about black vs. white, jokes, analysis, and headlines, that we went to the polls, exercised our brains, and made our own informed choices. Lets be Americans and let’s be proud of it.

Happy voting.

And for those interested in how I predict it will turn out, here’s my electoral vote projection:


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